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New Product - Silicone led warning lights


Silicone led warning lights


Do you know the advantage of silicone optical lens of warning light?

Silicone optical lenses are highly durable and reliable, making them ideal for use in automotiveindustry, especially in vehicle lighting like led warning lights. The silicone lens can withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures and exposure to UV radiation,making the led strobe lights works well in tough condition.


Our F6 pro is silicone led strobe light, the silicone material is DOW which is imported from US. The silicone optical lens provides precise control over the distribution of light, so the led strobe light is high performance. The silicone warning light is scratch resistant and temperature tesistant. The silicone led strobe light is Anti-UV & Anti-Shock.



The silicone lens allows for greater flexibility in warning light design, resulting in improved lighting performance and greater energy efficiency.Therefore, silicon optical lens is an attractive option for automotive manufacturers looking to improve the longevity and reliability of theirwarning light systems.


Led Warning lights F6 Pro

. 10-30V strobe light

. Available with single color and dual color

. Aluminum base warning light, more stronger and powerful

. Comes with silicone wires

. Shock and Temperature Resistance warning light

. UV Resistance

. Lightweight: Silicone optical lenses are lightweight and easy to handle, making them easy to install

. Scratch Resistance: Flexible silicone lens reducing the risk of damage during installation and maintenance.

. More Brightness: Silicone optical lenses provide high levels of brightness