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New Product - LED BEACON





Our new beacon BH18, it is high profile beacon. The beacon has three mounting options, permanent mount, magnetic mount and Flexi DIN mount.




We add Auto dimming function in the Flexi DIN version beacon, magnetic induction mode for magnetic version. The dimming of standard permanent version is wire controlled, auto dimming for your option. The led beacon is designing with amber color, blue color, red color and white color. Regarding our Flexi DIN mounting. The shock-absorbing and vibration-damping base plate briefly tilts the beacon by up to 45°and cushions against even powerful impacts. 


LED beacons, which are also known as LED warning lights or LED strobe lights, offer several advantages compared to traditional xenon or halogen beacons. Here are some of the key advantages of LED beacons:

  • High efficiency led beacon. Rotating or R65 single-flash, double-flash light patterns available.
  • The led beacon is streamlined and aerodynamic design, low wind resistance
  • Different mounting options is available, permanent mount, magnetic mount, Flexi DIN mount
  • Rotating led beacons gives intense warning signal giving a true 360°light spread.
  • Imported PC material -TEIJIN, excellent in anti-UV performance
  • The plastic base equipped with a heat dissipation module enhances led Beacon's resistance to corrosion.
  • The internal optics are optimized for the addition of a collimator and fresnel lens, resulting in enhanced brightness and fuller illumination of the lamp body.
  • The permanent mounting led beacon is with a bolt circle diameter of 130 mm.
  • R65 Class2 in blue, ECE R65 Class1 or Class2 in amber, R10 in pending
  • NOVA Vehicle accepts OEM and ODM service of led beacons.




The new led beacon will accept mass production in Aug 2023.Before mass production, the strobe warning light will do lots of testing, high low temperature testing, waterproof test, and heat dissipation test, our engineer take lots of time on quality - balance the service life and brightness of the warning light.