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Wide Angle led lighthead


Our new wide-angle LED lighthead NR180 is designed to provide high visibility and alert people in a specific area about any potential hazards or risks. The lights are equipped with 12pcs high-intensity LEDs providing a wide angle degree coverage. The warning light is a really 180 degree safety light.

The led lighthead NR180 is popular and wide applicated in commercial vehicles, transportation vehicles, SUV Vehicles. It is available with single color and dual color. Wide-angle LED lighthead is highly effective at their job because they emit powerful and continuous flashes of bright light that are easily visible even in daylight or in adverse weather conditions. They are also energy-efficient, long-lasting, and require minimal maintenance.

Our led lighthead NR180 comes in various mounting options, two screw mount, mount with brackets and 3M mount which can be mounted on different types of vehicles.

Check the video to find the installation info.

LED lighthead NR180 in motorcycle.

Wide angle led lighthead NR180 in ATV.

LED warning lighthead NR180 for rescue vehicles

Led lighthead NR180

. 10-30V strobe light

. Available with single color and dual color

. Aluminum base warning light, more stronger and powerful

. 12pcs 3W LED for single color, 18pcs 3W LED for dual color

. Shock and Temperature Resistance warning light

. UV Resistance

. Various mounting options, screw mount, bracket mount, 3M mount

. More Brightness: Silicone optical lenses provide high levels of brightness