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NOVA Vehicle LED Warning Light- SMT workshop


How does a warning light produce in SMT workshop in NOVA Vehicle?

Today, let’s have a look at our SMT workshop. First, painting tin on PCB by automatic printing machine.   


SMT Process

After preparing components and program settings, the mounter start working. 500pcs O6 warning light PCB can be manufactured within one hour. That’s why we request all custom lighthead or beacon above 500pcs, led warning lightbar 100pcs as the Minimum Order Quantity.


The urgent sample order will be produced by hand, which making the sample fee higher than bulk order.



Baking/ Reflow Soldering



AOI Inspection

With AOI equipment, itcan replace the previous manual visual inspection work,after the SMT process, it can judge the shortcomings of SMT parts, like dry joint, whichcan be more accurate than the human eye. The quality of warning light will be more stable, seldom of the light has big quality issue.

Of course we will do inspection by human eye again. All the PCB will be done power on testing.






Until now, we finished all the work in SMT workshop, the Qualified warning light PCB will be moved to next workshop do soldering and assembly.


NOVA Vehicle - the warning light manufacturer and supplier, focus on safety and automotive vehicle lighting industry over 15years, we provide OEM and ODM services, offer vehicle lighting solution. We sincerely hope to be your reliable and trusty supplier. NOVA Vehicle is a company you can trust. Wish our lights can light on your way to home.