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Interior and Exterior Led Strip Light


Nova Vehicle is a professional interior and exterior led strip lights supplier in automotive industry, the strip lamp has plastic lens version which is suit for indoor application, and Nova also offer waterproof led strip lights, clear silicone waterproof version and milky silicone waterproof version are for your options.


NOVA is experienced in customization of 10-30V high power led strip light for vehicles,

- Single color, or amber and white dual color led strip light

- The aluminum alloy can be designed in gray or black, let the strip lighting match up with your vehicles.

- Waterproof for exterior mount and non waterproof version for interior lighting

- LED strip light can with or without PIR sensor

- DC connector or cable end version light

- ON/OFF buttons or touch switch

- Logo your logo or design your own color box

- Convenient to install, we offer clips, screws, 3M double stick tape, L bracket or inbuilt magnets fit for your any material cabinet


Nova Vehiclespecialize inauto vehicle lighting for motor vehicle body builders,bus and Vans,coach fleets, heavy truck,commercial vehicles,police and fire trucks and the lighter vehicle industry. We focus on indoor and outdoor auxiliary light,with our level of service and support being viewed as the standard of achievement for the industry.





In 2020 and 2022, we have been bespoken many strip lights for our European customers in Germany, Denmark and UK.

25cm, 50cm, 100cm and 150cm dimension led strips, with different led numbers, waterproof version, with or without PIR sensor, DC connector, with CE, IP67 and customer’s sticker and logo, special package demands, economy logistic service.

NOVA Vehicle is one of your reliable supplier in indoor and outdoor vehicle lighting industry.