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Flexible Emergency Vehicle Warning Light


Are you looking for a warning light on curved position? Are you looking for a strobe light which is soft and can works well despite being hit by external forces.Our flexible and bendable emergency warning light F6 can meet your demands, the optical lens is made by clear silicone, which is soft and can flex while resisting yellowing and warping.The warning lighthead is available with single color and dual color, with self-adhesive. The strobe light F6 can be mounted on curved surface like rear view mirror and speical application on, Front quarter panel, Push bumper, Back of vehicle or Crane support feets - to mark the stand of heavy duty vehicle.



Before mass production, the strobe warning light did lots of testing, high low temperature testing, waterproof test, and heat dissipation test, our engineer take lots of time on quality - balance the service life and brightness of the warning light.